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Program Objectives

The objective of the Parent Aide Program is to provide individualized, strength-based support services to parents and caregivers with children in the custody of the Department of Child Safety (DCS) in an effort to reunify the family. The services performed by the Parent Aide in each member’s home environment and identified as most critical in strengthening their ability to perform his/her parenting responsibilities are:

  • Assessment of the member’s willingness and/or skill to provide adequate parenting
  • Familiarization with health and safety needs of children
  • Introduction to community-based resources and contact information for emergency assistance
  • Instruction in child development and modeling of child management techniques in order to strengthen parenting skills and abilities
  • Supervision of healthy visits between children in out-of-home placements and their family members and guardians
  • Transportation of the member’s children to visitations as needed

An additional responsibility in the provision of Parent Aide is documentation of the Case Records which include the preparation of an Assessment Report, Monthly Progress Reports, Results of the Mid Point Meeting, Final Reports, and records of all transportation provided to each member by the Aide assigned to provide services. Outcome Goals and Performance will be monitored and measured by Intermountain’s Parent Aide Program, according to the ADES specifications.

Coordination and Scope of Services

All families with children placed in the legal custody of Arizona Department of Economic Security/Department of Child Safety (DES/DCS) meet with a DCS Specialist to develop a case plan. The support services that are identified in the case plan frequently include Parent Aide services beyond those mandated for other members. The Parent Aide may also address the following additional needs:

  • Home maintenance and management, household budgeting and provision of healthy nutrition and essential clothing
  • Identification of safety threats, risks and behavioral changes
  • Instruction and demonstration of positive social, educational and recreational skills
  • Personal problem-solving strategies
  • Substance use and effects of child abuse and neglect on child development
  • Training in job seeking and employment, personal preparedness, and time management

Intermountain’s Parent Aide Program is responsible for delivering all of the services identified in individual case plans and furnishing all required documentation and reports to DES/DCS.

Length and Provider Services

Intermountain Parent Aides provide services to each member for a period of six to eight months, unless the Aide and DCS Specialist agree that the member is successful in meeting the individualized tasks and goals prior to that timeframe.
The Parent Aide schedules an initial meeting with the referring DCS Specialist and the member within five working days of receiving the referral packet. The Parent Aide files an Assessment Report within seven days of the initial meeting with the member. Once the Instruction Phase of the program begins, the Aide spends at least one hour per week providing parenting skills training to the member in their home and two hours weekly with the client, determining if his/her parenting techniques are being strengthened by the instruction and modeling. Parent Aides will accommodate each individual member’s schedule to provide services on weekends and in the evenings if necessary.

Referral Requirements

Each member eligible for Parent Aide Program services is referred to Intermountain Centers by their assigned specialist from the Department of Child Safety.

Referral Contact

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