Brief Intervention Homes (BIP)

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Intermountain Centers offers a Brief Intervention Program (BIP) to boys and girls birth through 17 years who are Title XIX. The BIP is part of an initiative to improve availability and accessibility of temporary, community-based residential services for young children in compliance with the Arizona Vision for Children.

Objective of Program

The objective of the Brief Intervention Program is to provide a safe and structured environment for young children in need of an immediate, temporary residential placement. Appropriate candidates and circumstances might include:

  • A child whose crisis plan includes a brief removal from the home;
  • A child who has a confrontation with family member(s) that could become dangerous but doesn’t require hospitalization;
  • A child who has been dually diagnosed with emotional and developmental disabilities and whose behavior is not being de-escalated successfully by other interventions;
  • A child in a behavioral health Home Care Training to Home Care Client (HCTC) placement whose behaviors are escalating or who is encountering an unstable family situation;
  • A child who requires a short-term, step-down home environment between placements where other alternatives are unavailable.

Length and Provider of Services

Each placement is in an established behavioral health HCTC home (formerly known as Therapeutic Foster Care) with experienced HCTC providers who are skilled in engaging young children, assisting with stabilization of behavior, and transitioning the children to an identified placement (home, group home, foster home.) The HCTC providers furnish brief residential placements for up to seven (7) days for children who are Title XIX. Intermountain staff members provide case management to facilitate transition planning and coordination of services with the appropriate behavioral health network.

Coordination and Scope of Services

Referrals and treatment planning are coordinated with each of the behavioral health Intensive Care Coordination Agencies (ICCAs) and/or family and other community providers involved in the child’s care. Within 24 hours of placement, or the next business day, the network is contacted regarding planning for the child. Each Child Family Team identifies treatment and service needs on the Individual Service Plan which includes identification of the child’s next placement, a crisis plan and a clear timeframe.

Ongoing treatment coordination will occur through participation in Child Family Team meetings and daily contact with the assigned ICCA case manager. Intermountain assists each child in maintaining continuity with community providers including school, medical, court, therapists or other providers.

For general information about BIP, call (520) 721-1887, extension 5255.

Referral Requirements

Referrals may be made for children of all ages who are Title XIX eligible by their Intensive Care Coordination Agencies by calling NurseWise directly.

Referral Contact

NurseWise  Phone: (866) 495-6735

(520) 721-1887 Contact Us For Foster Care Services

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