Behavior Intervention Overview

Tucson / Northern AZ

Intermountain Centers offers Behavioral Assessment Services to adults, children and families who exhibit challenges. The services - provided in both English and Spanish - are individualized and dependent on the strengths and needs of each member and family.

Behavior Intervention Plans

The development of each individual Behavior Intervention Plan is based on the results of a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA).

Each plan identifies the behavior targeted for change, replacement behaviors desired, strategies to teach the replacement behavior, what to do if the challenging behavior re-occurs, and reinforcers for adopting new behaviors that would be meaningful for the client.

During the process of designing each Behavioral Intervention Plan, the team will determine specific criteria for successful outcomes of treatment and will continually monitor its effectiveness.

In-Home Crisis Stabilization Planning

The primary goal of In-Home Crisis Stabilization Planning is to provide the intensive support needed to prevent disruptions in or removal from the individual’s home environment. Intermountain Behavior Intervention Specialists assist families and other professionals with the implementation of treatment plans, home routines and appropriate responses to crisis events, in addition to introducing new daily living systems.

Intervention Plan Training Support to Guardians/ Support Team Members

Intermountain staff assist with putting the Behavioral Intervention Plan in place and executing it. Behavior Intervention Specialists identify strategies for maintaining the treatment goals and transferring them successfully into new client environments.

Specialists provide one-to-one and group training to both parents and members of the Child and Family Team for successful implementation of the behavior plan.

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