Behavior Intervention Overview

Tucson / Northern AZ

Intermountain offers Behavior Assessment Services to children and adults exhibiting behavior challenges. These services — provided in both English and Spanish — are individualized and focus on the strengths of each member while teaching their families strategies to cope with and resolve behavior problems.

Behavior Intervention Plans:

  • A Behavior Intervention Plan is developed for each member and is based on the results of a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA).
  • Theses plans are generated to target the behavior needing change, identify and teach strategies for replacement behaviors and find meaningful methods that will reinforce the new behaviors for the member.
  • Our team designs each Behavior Intervention Plan to determine specific criteria for every member to reach a successful outcome from treatment.
  • The team continually monitors the progress of each member and the effectiveness of their Behavior Intervention Plan.

In-Home Crisis Stabilization Planning:

  • The primary goal of In-Home Crisis Stabilization Planning is to provide whatever support is needed in order to prevent disruptions in, and removal from, the individual’s home.
  • Intermountain’s Behavior Intervention Specialists assist families and other professionals with the implementation of treatment plans, home routines and appropriate responses to crisis events.
  • These plans also introduce members to new daily living systems to promote positive habits and lifestyle choices.

Intervention Plan Training Support for Guardians/Support Team Members:

  • Intermountain’s staff assists with putting the Behavior Intervention Plan in place and seeing it to fruition.
  • Behavior Intervention Specialists identify strategies for maintaining the treatment goals and transferring those goals successfully into new environments for the member.
  • Specialists provide both one-on-one and group training to both parents and members of the Child and Family Team for successful implementation of the Behavior Intervention Plan.

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