Functional Behavior Assessment

Tucson / Northern AZ

Functional Behavior Assessment Services

  • Intermountain Centers offers Functional Behavior Assessment Services (FBA) for individuals who exhibit challenging behaviors in Pima County and the Southeastern Regions of Arizona.
  • Intermountain has a 40-year history of providing positive behavioral support services to at-risk adults, children and their families within strength-based, culturally sensitive settings throughout parts of Arizona.
  • Intermountain's Behavior Assessment services provided to adults, children, and families are individualized and dependent on the strengths and needs of each client and family.
  • Services are provided in both English and Spanish.

Overview of FBA Services

The FBA Program emphasizes the importance of providing in-home educational support services in the least restrictive environment possible to individuals exhibiting challenging behaviors. Acquiring new skills in the communities, schools, and homes where the clients live contributes to lasting and meaningful change. A crucial piece of crisis stabilization is the ability to train and support at-risk individuals, their guardians, and the agencies that support them in the community on how to manage future personal and family crises.

The program has three goals to enhance client learning:

  • Each client’s natural supports (family, friends, and others in the community) will be a part of the stabilization process within the least restrictive setting
  • Each completed assessment used in client training provides an accurate picture of the individual’s challenging behaviors within his/her home environment
  • Effective stabilization procedures are developed in an environment where the client’s triggers and stressors occur

A successful crisis stabilization plan requires that stability is maintained across environments and across caregivers. To achieve this, the program provides support from a behavior support specialist direct care worker. The specialist works side by side with clients, guardians and other members of the client’s Child Family Team or Adult Recovery Team to implement the behavior plan and manage crisis situations as they arise. As the client shows mastery of replacement behaviors, program staff will develop a transition plan to move supports under a less restrictive model (including intensive in-home, or transitioning fully to natural supports).

Through careful consideration with the Child and Family Team or Adult Recovery Team, at-risk clients are identified to participate in the program.


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