Speech & Language Diagnostics and Services

Speech and language services include: diagnostic testing, development of treatment plans with measurable goals and ongoing services/consultation, provided through BCS.

Early Intervention

  • Early intervention speech and language services help improve receptive and expressive language, voice, articulation and fluency in children from birth to age three.
  • Early intervention provides evaluations, program recommendations and/or treatment/training.
  • All services are provided in natural environments and home and community settings in which children without disabilities participate.
  • BCS focuses on a lasting and meaningful outcome through supporting and enhancing the family’s ability to promote their child’s development and functional participation.
  • All of BCS’s speech and language service providers are either licensed Speech and Language Pathologists or supervised clinical interns.
  • If needed, the services are provided in the member’s native language and focus on cultural sensitivity.
  • These services emphasize collaboration with families, caregivers, support coordinators and other early intervention professionals.

Treatment and Evaluations

Our services offer:

  • A complete assessment/evaluation of the member’s language skills and their needs.
  • Collaboration with parents, representatives, teachers and others involved in the member’s life.
  • Recommendations of integrated functional activities and instruction for members and their families, representatives, teachers and others involved in the member’s life to incorporate these activities into the member’s daily routine.
  • Support of measurable outcomes/objectives/goals.
  • Collaboration with school programs and other therapists.
  • Training for families.
  • Review programs and meetings.
  • Continued contact with school therapists to ensure consistency across social environments.

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