Care Coordination

Tucson / Sells / Southeast / Pinal County

A unique strength of Intermountain Centers is its broad continuum of care:

  • Intermountain is designated as an Intake and Care Coordination Agency (ICCA), meaning individuals can be directly referred to Intermountain.
  • Access is provided to child and adolescent psychiatrists, certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).
  • Intermountain offers comprehensive crisis services.
  • As a Specialty Provider, Intermountain gives members access to services focused on meeting the individual needs of each member while allowing them to remain in their community.
  • From simple to complex needs to fluctuations between stable and crisis periods, Intermountain’s programs cater to the individual member while producing the most effective and beneficial outcomes.

(520) 721-1887 Contact For Outpatient Network Services

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