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Intermountain provides Outpatient/In-Home Support Services for at-risk children, adults and their families in rural and urban communities of Southern Arizona and the communities of the Tohono O’odham Nation.  These services deliver therapeutic support while preserving family integrity.

In Tucson and neighboring rural Arizona communities throughout Pima County, Intermountain provides In-Home Wraparound Services in the context of the Child and Family Team or Adult Recovery Team. Staff members work with children from birth to 21 years who have been identified as at-risk and are Title XIX eligible. Outpatient/In-Home services are often designed to facilitate the reunification of a child or adult with his/her biological family following an out-of-home placement or to ease the transition from a restrictive environment back to a community-based living arrangement.

Objectives of Outpatient/In-Home Services include:

  • To keep the child or adult in his/her home with support and prevent removal
  • To address safety and crisis issues
  • To transition members and their families out of crisis to a stabilized state
  • To provide therapeutic support services 24 hours/7 days a week
  • To wrap individualized support services around each member and family
  • To support a member’s transition from an out-of-home placement back home
  • To teach independent living skills

Following referral, the assigned counselor meets the member and their family in the home environment where a Functional Behavior Assessment is made and the family's strengths and needs are identified. From the first contact, a network of natural support resources is woven for the member and family, and a Child and Family Team or Adult Recovery Team is developed from friends, family, neighbors, and service providers. As the member’s situation is periodically reassessed, new service needs are identified and incorporated into the service plan.

Some of the Outpatient/In-Home Services include:

  • Behavioral Treatment Planning
  • Behaviorally-based Interventions
  • 24/7 Crisis Response
  • Crisis and Safety Planning and Implementation
  • Parent or Caregiver Skill Training and Education
  • Positive Life Skill Training and Development
  • Structure and Daily Routine Development
  • Home and Office-based Individual and Family Counseling
  • Consultation with Child and Family Teams or Adult Recovery Teams Regarding Behavior and Service Planning
  • Group Counseling
  • Identification of Community Supports

Home-based counselors assist each member and their family with finding and accessing community resources available to them such as day care, legal aid, education, transportation, leisure activities, medical care, food, and shelter. Parents and caregivers are taught behavior management skills including how to address and assess developmental needs, the use of rewards/natural and logical consequences for behavior, and the importance of consistency and limit-setting in child rearing and caregiving for adults with serious mental illness.

In some cases, a child or adult and his/her family are referred to Outpatient/In-Home Services to receive support as a member is transitioned back to his/her family following an out-of-home placement. In those instances, the counselor assigned to the member works with him/her in the current placement and with the family prior to the member’s return to create a smooth plan for transition and ongoing support.

Through the provision of intensive and innovative support systems, Intermountain Outpatient/In-Home Services staff members seek to:

  • Increase the number of children and adults who are living successfully at home
  • Foster independence through acquisition of daily living skills
  • Assist individuals with reaching goals they set with their Child and Family Team or Adult Recovery Team

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