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Summit Outpatient Program

Intermountain Centers offers a comprehensive, individualized Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Program (SUD) to youth ages 12 to 17 who are in the Summit Outpatient Program. Summit Outpatient is designed to initiate changes in lifestyle and the social environment that will support each adolescent’s long-term sobriety program as it provides treatment at differing levels of need and motivation. Unique in its breadth of support services, the Summit Outpatient Program provides in-home and community reinforcement opportunities as well as conventional treatment components to aid families in the recovery process. The strengths, needs and culture of the youth and his/her family determine the sequence and intensity of the treatment components.

Components of the Summit Outpatient Program

  • Individual and Family Counseling is offered for adolescents and families who are not able to participate in group sessions. Sessions are sculpted to meet the family’s strengths, needs and culture.
  • In-Home Support Services maximize the powerful role of environmental contingencies and support the development of new skills through identification and rearrangement of reinforcers and connections to community resources.
  • In collaboration with the Child and Family Team (CFT), the Summit Outpatient staff recognize the importance of communication with each client’s CFT.
  • Group Counseling through Safety Groups help clients identify coping skills and supports that will enhance their individual recovery efforts.
  • Wraparound Day Program engages youth in structured activities that provide new opportunities and experiences that facilitate learning new skills, insight and community connections.

Philosophy of the Summit Outpatient Program

The Summit Outpatient Program embraces The Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA) as a fundamental framework for the assessment, planning and provision of services to adolescents experiencing challenges with substance use. A comprehensive behavioral program, A-CRA is based on the belief that environmental contingencies – people, places and things – play a powerful role in encouraging or discouraging substance use. A-CRA utilizes social, recreational, familial and vocational reinforcers to assist adolescents in the recovery process. The goal is to rearrange multiple aspects of the adolescent’s life so that a clean and sober lifestyle is more rewarding than one dominated by alcohol and/or substance use.

The Summit Outpatient Program:

  • Makes extensive use of modeling, role-playing and shaping, and uses positive reinforcement for each step toward recovery, no matter how small. When the adolescent finds “payoffs” for learning new skills and trying new behaviors, he/she creates his/her own motivation for change.
  • Does not view substance use as an isolated behavior independent of the rest of the individual’s life, but rather as intertwined with many aspects. Attention must be given to the context in which the substance use occurs. The Summit Outpatient Program actively helps clients and their families address problems other than those that are purely related to substance use.
  • Recognizes the significant relationship between interpersonal violence/trauma and substance use disorders in adolescents. The prevalence of predisposing trauma conditions points to the need to assess and provide services that address these complex needs. The Summit Outpatient Program provides substance-use services that are trauma-informed and trauma specific.

Eligibility Criteria

All youth ages 12 to 17 years who are enrolled in behavioral health services and their families are eligible for the Summit Outpatient Program.

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