How Donors Help!

Every donation to Intermountain Centers supports the agency’s mission of providing the highest quality, community-based, individualized services to at-risk Arizonans. Contributions of cash and/or goods and services from individuals, foundations and corporations supply Intermountain Centers for Human Development with critically needed funds which enhance our clients’ lives, over 5,000 children and adults and their families each year.

Gifts may be designated to programs in any location, to specific programs for children or adults, or to a specific facility within a program. Undesignated gifts are used to offset expenses in the area of greatest need and secure a future built on our clients’ individual strengths and interests.

Intermountain staff members are firmly committed to addressing the needs of those we serve in individualized ways that integrate strength, culture, and greater independence. We need your help in creating positive new life skills and building lives for at-risk members of the Arizona communities we serve and in developing new opportunities for Arizona families that lack the resources to provide for their children!

Donations to Intermountain Qualify for Three Arizona Tax Credits

The State of Arizona allows you to receive a dollar-for-dollar Tax Credit on your state income tax when you donate to Intermountain Centers.

Our Federal Tax ID # is 85-0254535

Donations to Intermountain qualify for three different Arizona tax credits:

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit (formerly Working Poor Tax Credit)

Donations can be made by using the donate form on this page, by mail, by calling (520) 721-1887 x-1149, or by texting GIVE to (520) 394-8077. You can donate up to $800 when filing jointly or up to $400 when filing as an individual.

Private School Tax Credit

Donations designated for the Intermountain Academy can be made to support the educational programs for children diagnosed with autism through the Institute for Better Education (IBE) website: You can donate up to $2,173 for a married couple or $1,087 as an individual. Be sure to designate your donation to Intermountain Academy.

Any donation up to the maximum amount qualifies for each Arizona tax credit. Make one or both donations…and it won’t cost you anything.

Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit

Help an Arizona foster child through a gift that gives them hope for a brighter future. Your gift comes with a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona income tax return. Donations can be made by clicking the “Donate” button below, by mail or by calling (520) 721-1887 x-1149. A tax credit can reduce what you owe in state taxes by $1,000 when filing jointly or up to $500 when filing as an individual.

Taxpayers may combine all three tax credits each year: Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, Private School, and Arizona Foster Care Tax Credit.

Donating to Intermountain is Easy and Tax Deductible!

Thank you for your interest in our work! Intermountain Centers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations are deductible to the extent allowed by federal law.

We welcome your cash gifts, made by telephone at 520-721-1887 (extension 5239), check mailed to Intermountain Centers for Human Development, P.O. Box 17749, Tucson AZ 85731-7749, or online donation through our website.

For information on making or designating such a gift, establishing a bequest or endowment, designating Intermountain as a beneficiary of life insurance, or gifting personal property, or making a donation to the Intermountain Academy, please contact:

Paul O’Rourke
VP Development & Communications
P.O. Box 17749
Tucson, AZ 85731-7749
(520)721-1887, ext. 5239




If you would prefer to donate via your smartphone, simply text the word GIVE to (520) 394-8077 and follow the prompts, or scan the QR code below to get started.