Foster Care Services Overview

Pima County / Maricopa County / Pinal County / Yuma County / Santa Cruz County

Intermountain Centers has been supporting foster parents across the state for over 45 years. Our experienced foster care staff will guide you through each step in becoming a foster parent; answering your questions, providing information and assisting you with the application and licensing process.

One child or two? Foster parents can choose whether they want to provide a home for one child or more. Or maybe a sibling group calls out to you. You will be asked to identify the ages and genders you are most comfortable with and the types of child(ren) you would like to provide care for.

Foster Care Online Training

Steps for Becoming a Foster Parent

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Si desea hablar con alguien en español para convertirse en un padre de crianza temporal, llame a Miriam Teran (520) 591-5942 o Izyajara "Izzy" Rivas (520) 609-6706

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