Child Developmental Homes

Southeast Arizona / Pima County / Maricopa County

  • Developmental Homes are foster homes that serve developmentally-delayed children and youth.
  • These homes are designed to support and maximize the functioning of the children placed in them. 
  • Intermountain Centers' program focuses on individualized support plans that promote the development of self-care, leisure, academic, vocational, social and community skills.
  • Care providers assist individuals placed in their charge to achieve and maintain a quality of life that promotes their vision of the future. 
  • With the help of Intermountain's support staff, care providers' homes are licensed and certified as developmental homes. 
  • The staff supports care providers to ensure that the needs of the individuals placed in their homes are met. 
  • Intermountain establishes a contract with the developmental home provider that includes a rate of reimbursement for each person placed in a developmental home.  

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