Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC)

Pima County / Maricopa County / Pinal County / Yuma County / Santa Cruz County

  • Children placed in TFC homes can have heightened emotional and behavioral needs that require intensive parenting skills.
  • This is a rewarding way for skilled and/or experienced parents to provide foster care.
  • In most cases, these children have been removed from their families and have lived in various group homes and/or more restrictive settings.
  • Stability and safety are important needs for therapeutic foster children.
  • Therapeutic foster children look to the foster parent for structured but nurturing support and to learn how to be a part of a healthy family unit.
  • Therapeutic foster children must learn how to function in the self-care, future planning, social, academic, leisure/recreational and community realms without the support of their biological families.
  • Because many children requiring therapeutic foster care come from a background of abuse and neglect, each child and their foster family are assigned a coordinator.
  • The coordinator aids in problem-solving and behavior-management strategies.

Objective of the Therapeutic Foster Care Program:

Transition each child into a permanent family setting—to a DES foster family, adoptive family or biological family for reunification—that will provide permanence.

  • Parent candidates need to have one year of verifiable work experience with Special Needs children and/or a bachelor’s degree in one of the Social Sciences.
  • Couple candidates need to ensure that one of the two is home at all times and available to the child throughout each day.
  • Each child you foster in your home needs their own bedroom.
  • Partner with Intermountain Centers and espouse the agency’s philosophy of providing a caring teaching environment for any youth in your care, rather than solely a custodial environment.
  • Your home is free of weapons and alcohol.
  • Agree and comply with a contract to provide TFC Services as an Independent Contractor with Intermountain Centers.
  • Complete the following additional training:
    • Arizona Professional Foster Parenting Classes – 18 hours
    • CPR/First Aid – 4 hours
    • CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute) Training – 8 to 12 hours
    • Behavioral Health Documentation and Incident Report Writing – 2 hours
    • Medication Handling – 2.5 hours
    • Behavioral Concepts – 3 hours
    • Practicum – 12 hours

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Please follow this link for more information on the steps to become a foster parent: 

For more information, please contact:

Jack Smith, Foster Care Recruiter
Phone: (520) 241-2448
Fax: (520) 407-5398

Maricopa County
Danielle Gross, Foster Care Recruiter
1515 E Osborne rd. Phoenix, AZ 85013
Phone: (480) 651-2711

Yuma County
Victor Durazo, Foster Care Recruiter
2545 S. Arizona Avenue
Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone: (928) 919-9304

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