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Children placed in Home Care Training to Home Care Client (HCTC)/Therapeutic Foster Care homes can have heightened emotional and behavioral needs that require intensive parenting skills. In most cases, these children have been removed from their families and have lived in various group homes and/or more restrictive settings. Stability and safety are important needs for therapeutic foster children. They look to the therapeutic foster parents for structured but nurturing support, and to learn how to be part of a healthy family unit.

Therapeutic foster children must learn how to function in the community, develop self-esteem and self-worth, and build positive life skills in the self-care, social, academic, leisure and recreational realms without the support of their biological families. Because many children requiring therapeutic foster care come from a background of abuse and neglect, each child and their foster family are assigned a coordinator to aid in problem-solving and behavior-management strategies.

The goal of the HCTC/Therapeutic Foster Program is to transition each child into a permanent family setting – to a DES foster family, adoptive family or biological family for reunification – that will provide permanence.


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