Therapeutic Foster Care/HCTC

Pima County / Maricopa County / Pinal County / Yuma County / Santa Cruz County

Children placed in Therapeutic Foster Care homes can have heightened emotional needs that require intensive parenting skills. This is a very rewarding way for skilled and/or experienced parents to provide foster care. In most cases, these children have been removed from their families and have lived in various group homes and/or more restrictive settings, so stability and safety are especially important for them.

They look to the therapeutic foster parents for structured but nurturing support and to learn how to be a part of a healthy family unit. This helps them experience success academically and in the community. Therapeutic foster care parents are provided a daily rate to compensate for the extra time and attention these children need.

The goal of the HCTC/Therapeutic Foster Program is to transition each child into a permanent family setting — to a regular foster family, adoptive family or return to their family for reunification.

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For more information, please contact:

Jack Smith, Foster Care Recruiter
Phone: (520) 721-1887 ext. 5283
Fax: (520) 407-5398

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