Regular Foster Care

Tucson / Southeast / Maricopa County / Pinal County

Regular Foster Care:

  • A large number of Arizona children from birth to 17 years are removed from their families each year
  • These children are placed in foster care homes on a short-term basis until the issues that cause the family’s foundational breakdown and subsequent removal of the child from the home can be resolved and the family reunified
  • Many of these boys and girls come into the custody of the Department of Child Safety (DCS) due to acute safety issues in their homes and a lack of access to healthy lifestyles and well being
  • DCS works with Intermountain to access, train and support foster families who can teach, encourage and nurture children who have experienced challenging circumstances in their young lives
  • Behaviors vary based on each child’s family histories
  • Children requiring foster care often suffer from night terrors, bedwetting, temper tantrums and intense fear of punishment
  • Removed from their families under emergency circumstances, children may arrive at foster homes with limited personal belongings
  • Intermountain’s Foster Care Program provides children with a stable, supportive family and home environment while working with the biological family to reunite them when it is safe to do so

Therapeutic Foster Care:

  • Children placed in these homes can have heightened emotional and behavioral needs that require more skilled parenting
  • In most cases, these children have been removed from their families and have lived in various group homes and/or more restrictive settings
  • Stability and safety are important needs for therapeutic foster children
  • Foster children look to their foster parents for structured but nurturing support and to learn how to be a part of a healthy family unit
  • Therapeutic foster children are taught skills to function in the community and develop self-esteem and self-worth
  • It is crucial that they learn to build positive life skills in the self-care, future planning, social, academic, leisure/recreational and community realms without the support of their biological families
  • Many children requiring therapeutic foster care come from a background of abuse and neglect
  • Each child and their foster family are assigned a coordinator to aid in problem-solving and behavior-management strategies
  • The goal is to transition each child into a family setting — to a DES foster family, adoptive family or biological family member for reunification

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