Regular Foster Care

Tucson / Southeast / Pinal County

A large number of children ages newborn to 17 years are removed from their families each year in Pima County and placed in foster care homes on a short-term basis until the issues that precipitated the breakdown in their family’s foundation and their subsequent removal can be resolved and the family reunified. Many of these boys and girls come into the custody of the Department of Child Safety (DCS) due to acute safety issues in their homes and the lack of access to healthy lifestyles and well being.

DCS contracts with Intermountain to find, train and support foster families who can encourage and nurture children who have experienced many challenges in their young lives. Their behaviors vary depending upon their family histories. The children requiring foster care often suffer from night terrors, bedwetting, temper tantrums, and intense fear of punishment. Removed from their families under emergency circumstances, they may arrive at the foster homes with limited personal belongings. Intermountain's Foster Care Program provides a stable, supportive family and warm home environment for these children while working with the biological family to reunite them when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

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