Intermountain Angel House

The Intermountain Angel House is a licensed behavioral health residential facility. It is community-based with around-the-clock support designed to serve youth with behavioral health diagnoses.

Angel House Program Goals:

  • Provide intensive treatment services utilizing behavioral therapeutic intervention to address the referral and treatment needs of each member in a structured setting.
  • Provide youth with stabilization, assessment and discharge planning.
  • Develop effective coping skills that can be utilized across various interpersonal and social settings.
  • Improve functionality of each member so the behaviors/conditions that led to the instability will be less likely to reoccur.
  • Employ the most therapeutic and appropriate discharge/transition plan and reunify members back with their families/caregivers.
  • Return the member to the least restrictive environment possible.

Angel House Program Description

The Angel House has a capacity to serve up to eight youth, male or female, between the ages of 11-17. The program serves youth with co-occurring disorders, including developmental disabilities and those experiencing trauma.

The program is designed on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and incorporates positive reinforcement while teaching effective replacement behaviors. The program introduces members to community settings to initiate and develop effective coping skills in various social situations.   

Individual and group counseling services are provided based upon needs identified throughout the assessment process. A therapeutic daily routine on site and in community settings promotes problem-solving skills, healthy independent living habits, interpersonal and social skills and constructive coping mechanisms. 

All residents are closely supervised throughout the day to ensure maximum participation in the treatment process.  Progress toward monthly individual goals are measured and documented on a daily basis.

Referral Information

Rebecca Harris, Site Supervisor
(520) 409-7560

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