Vida Nueva Independent Apartments


  • This is our most independent setting in the adult continuum. Vida has 12 one- and two-bedroom apartments with 18 available beds. There are three staff on site each day to provide outpatient services in the members' apartments and in the community. Members must have income to pay rent and other costs.
  • Skills training groups are provided daily and include topics like health and wellness, coping skills, healthy relationships, vocational and symptom management/psychoeducation.
  • Referrals for members that live off site can be made for outpatient services including counseling and skills training groups at the Vida location.

The Vida Nueva Apartment complex provides a unique living environment and transitional program for adults with disabilities or who need to acquire life skills which will promote self-sufficiency. Studio and double occupancy apartments provide a level of supervision that is tailored to each tenant's personal needs for developing independence.

The tenants maintain their own apartments, prepare their own meals - with or without staff assistance - enjoy visits from family members, study for classes, engage in recreational and leisure activities, and participate in community-based social activities. Vida Nueva residents often use public transportation to commute to day programs, schools, and jobs. In keeping with individual treatment plans, staff members supply support services ranging from modeling life skills to providing crisis intervention.

The Vida Nueva program offers a level of independence to tenants, supporting their development and achievement of individualized goals to transition to independent living. To maintain residency in Vida Nueva, each resident must agree to participate in the program's services and must pay rent and other related fees, usually from their Social Security Income (SSI) allowance. Tenants must meet low-income housing eligibility requirements.

Vida Nueva Apartments have 24-hour on-site supervision for its residents. The staff to tenant ratios reflect the intensity of skills training and support services provided to each individual.

Referreral Requirements

Referrals may be made by a comprehensive service provider via an Adult Recovery Team, provided that the individual is enrolled in the Arizona behavioral health system.

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