Vida Nueva Independent Apartments

  • Vida Nueva Independent Apartments: (compressed content into bullets and edited).
  • With 12 one- and two-bedroom apartments, totaling 18 available beds, Vida Nueva is our most independent setting in the adult continuum and fosters the acquisition of life skills which promote self-sufficiency.
  • Independence is gained by residents paying rent and other associated costs (typically allocated from their Social Security Income (SSI)), maintaining their apartments, preparing their own meals (with or without staff assistance), studying for classes, engaging in recreational and leisure activities and participating in community-based events.
  • Residents use public transportation to commute to day programs, schools and jobs, as they need to meet low-income housing eligibility requirements to obtain residence.
  • Staff personnel are on-site to supervise residents and provide outpatient services ranging from modeling life skills to providing crisis intervention as residents develop independence and achieve individualized goals to transition to independent living.
  • Skills training is provided daily and is composed of topics like health and wellness, coping skills, healthy relationships and vocational and symptom management/psychoeducation.

Referral Requirements:

A comprehensive service provider can make referrals via an Adult Recovery Team if the individual is enrolled in the Arizona behavioral health system.

Referral Information:

Melissa Hetzel, Clinical Director

(520) 306-6776

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